Demo-day 2000 Feedback form analysis

The following is the analysis of the data collected from the feedback forms on Linux Demo-day 2000 from 17th to 18th February.


This document represents the analyzed data from the two-day event that was the Linux Demo-day 2000. It should be noted that on the opening night a lot of the visitors consisted of students from the host school with some coming from other schools. There were few from the public. By this time not most of the public was aware of this event. It should also be noted that this is the FIRST event of its kind in the Maldives.

It is quite clear from the statistics that a large number of the visitors were under the age of 20 totaling a percentage of more than 80.

Statistics from the first night (17th February):

A total of 61 people filled out and returned the form of which 31 were male and 30 were female. From these 58 were under the age of 20 but above 15.

Statistics from the second night (18th February):

A total of 50 peopled filled out and returned the feedback form of which 42 were male and 8 were female. From these 41 were below the age of 20.

Total Statistic (for 17th to 18th)

Total forms returned 111
Males 73
Females 38
Under 20 99
Above 21 12

Break down


36% said they have never heard of Linux before this event but 47% claim to have known about it before and 15% of them are not so sure.

52% said yes when asked if there was a future for Linux in the business-environment in Maldives. 45% are not sure and 2% doesn't think so.

49% were not so sure if Linux could be used as a teaching and learning tool in the Maldives. 8% did not agree with the concept at all but 42% thinks that it's a great idea.

50% thought that the event successfully demonstrated something valuable for them but 8% disagree with them. The rest, 41% didn't really know what they were looking at.

78% thought that we should conduct more events such as these in the future. 3% thought it was a lousy idea and 18% thinks they will visit any old event whether it was about Linux or not.

38% thinks they know what Free Software means whereas 12% claimed, rightfully so, that they really don't know what we were talking about. 48% thought that Free Software was like a free dinner or they were just not sure.

A total of 50% thought that there should be more groups or organizations such as the Linux Users Group in the Maldives. 18% disagree with them with 30% not so sure.

Finally, a staggering 83% thought that forming a Maldivian Computer Society was a grand idea. 1% would stand to disagree and 14% thought they might as well go for a pizza and think about it next year.



As this is the first event of its kind in the history Maldives it would be fair to say that a large number of people took interest in what it was all about. A lot who came in did not know there was an operating system apart from Microsoft's Windows and were quite surprised that something else existed at all. It is quite clear that we, MLUG, have gained a lot of support from this event. People do think that we should conduct more events like this and perhaps we will in the near future.

Also note that not invitations were sent out to all the primary and secondary schools in Male', the capital of Maldives. And of those only two schools participated on an official level. Special thanks to Aminiya School and EPS School.

Interestingly enough the concept of "Free Software" as put forward by the Free Software Foundation was new to a large number of people visiting. Those who said they know about it might not know about the true concept. So only time and more events such as these will tell us and it is to be seen how we will educate and teach the coming generations.


Special thanks to Nazima for taking the time to enter all the data from the forms.


"Linux Rules", said an anonymous guy looking at the Beowulf Cluster rendering a POV ray trace in 23 seconds. Wow. "


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